The Personal Information Promise

The Information Commissioner has announced the Personal Information Promise – a set of 10 principles, intended to be signed by an organisation’s executive management – which will be launched as the UK’s contribution to the European Data Protection Day on 28th January.

The principles are very simple indeed. All they ask is for the organisation to comply with the Data Protection Act – and to do it well, with respect for the individual and their data. I’m almost a little disappointed that we’re in a position where these simple commitments are seen as aspirational, rather than the way that every organisation addresses privacy issues, but delighted that the ICO is doing something to fix that situation.

I have it on good authority that a number of household brands have already signed up to the Personal Information Promise. It will be just as interesting to see which names are notably absent from the list, particularly from the public sector. Is there a Minister out there who is prepared to commit to a basic level of respect for our personal data? I really hope so.