National Apprenticeship Week: Apprentices show greater loyalty

Apprentices are more loyal to employers and are less likely to move than graduates, according to reseller ANS Group.

Founder and chairman of UK cloud infrastructure specialists ANS Group, Scott Fletcher, said:  “We have found that apprentices display a greater loyalty to the companies which have trained them and are less likely than graduates to move on and work for your business rivals.”

ANS has an apprenticeship academy that is part of the government’s ‘Employer Ownership of Skill Pilot.’ The academy trains up to 50 ‘cloud apprentices’ a year.

“A lot of companies are now starting to grasp the nettle and it’s resulting in a lot of innovation – on our apprenticeship scheme there is hardly any classroom time, for example, it’s mostly on the job,” Fletcher added.

He said more involvement from employers in developing apprenticeships is essential: “The quality of apprenticeships is a particularly poignant issue in the high-tech business sector. There is no way that a local college can keep pace with the speed of change in IT and by the time they have developed a course it is generally out of date. More involvement from employers in developing apprenticeships is essential.”

He concluded: “It would be great to think we could have 1000’s of young people every year being work ready with the appropriate STEM skills at eighteen. Given the growth expected in the digital sector, it is essential that we address the skills shortage.”