Codecademy opens first international office in London

Codecademy is opening its first London office, as the firm’s free coding skills service sees demand internationally.

The New York based company has also partnered with governments and education groups in the UK, Brazil, France, Estonia and Argentina.

In the UK Codecademy currently works with 1,000 schools and two million people including teachers, students, businesses and entrepreneurs. Despite being based in the US Codecademy realised more than 70% of its 24 miliion users were spread across 190 other countries.

With a recent platform redesign Codecademy is now available in local languages to encourage more users to learn to code for free.

CEO and co-founder of Codecademy Zach Sims, said: “We want Codecademy to be a gateway to better opportunities and a better life. In order to achieve this on a global scale, we have educated ourselves on the specific needs of learners in different places and understand that learning isn’t the same across the world.

“By working with partners in each country, we’re ensuring that we don’t just have learners in each country, but a robust community of learners, teachers and support to provide specific skills needed to succeed in anyone’s workplace.”