Rising to the sustainability challenge

EHS Journal, which provides specialist coverage of environmental, health and safety issues, is carrying an interesting article by IT professional Maureen O’Donnell on Green IT, sustainability and cost savings.

O’Donnell says that in November 2006, Gartner Group released a study that shocked the industry. Gartner predicted that by 2008, half of the world’s data centres would have insufficient power and cooling capacity to meet demand.

The result of the progress made in the first few years after Gartner’s study was that by 2010, the IT industry as a whole realised more than $2bn a year in energy savings. At the same time, an entirely new industry emerged around the development of energy-efficient solutions that allow companies to increasingly fine-tune and optimise their IT environments.  Over the past five years, IT has aggressively reduced energy consumption and become more sustainable in the process.  It’s debatable whether IT will ever be as green as it aspires to be, but says O’Donnell, Gartner’s 2006 prediction turned out to be false, thanks to an industry that rose to the challenge.

You can read the piece here