Product-level Carbon Footprint measurement and Green XML

At this week’s BioDiversity Summit in London, moves were made to improve product-level measurement of carbon footprints and launch BASDA Green XML.


Breakthrough technology developed by @UK PLC together with the University of Reading, Goldsmiths College, University of London and the Centre for Sustainable Accounting, removes the current cost barrier to analysing an organisations overall carbon footprint, and allows organisations to improve their performance by purchasing local, regional or global products that have the lowest footprint, and to balance this against the rest of their polices to achieve the required reduction.


On the same day, BASDA XML was also launched. A major driver behind the development of this Green XML is that Carbon Emission trading is now a significant international business, and furthermore, there is a movement towards legislating for carbon accounting for all businesses.   Without an agreed standard for interoperability between systems however, it will not be possible to extend from the current very large projects with significant measurement overhead, to a business-as-usual landscape.   Thus there is a requirement for XML interoperability standards to be created and tested, so that financial software can be updated to support carbon, and other message types.


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