Green Business Leadership and the World Climate Summit

Last time I mentioned the excellent Green awards that took place in London. They were not the only awards taking place recently. Another set were the Gigaton Awards, referred to in this piece by Andrew Winston on the Harvard Business Review blogs. In fat, there’s a close link referred to in the piece with Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room.

Winston remarks that the point of the Awards is to praise companies that are actually cutting emissions in order to inspire others.

I concur, provided that that inspiration actually works. As Winston points out, given the challenges of climate change and the policy failures of recent years, it was good to celebrate business and the work it’s doing.

“This is hard work and many of the executives representing their companies are in fairly thankless positions.  All that said, it’s clear that these Awards were just a beginning. We’re not at gigaton scale by any stretch. The winners have made cuts on the millions of tons at most. Gigatons have to happen at the industry and value-chain level, and that is the work that the CWR is doing.”