Forrester report and case study on Green IT

A Forrester report published this week, “Green IT Plans And Activities Persist In 2010 Despite Lack Of Formal Budgets And Priorities” is worth a read. It says that although only 26% of organisations have budget directly allocated to green IT, adoption of green IT is much higher, approaching 70% in areas of the data center and distributed IT. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals should capitalise on green IT’s momentum by embedding green IT policies and processes into the procurement, operation, and final disposal of new infrastructure investments in 2010. Although CEOs only care about revenue growth and profitability, I&O leaders can use examples from firms like AT&T, KPMG, Nike, and UPS to demonstrate that green IT initiatives can attract new customers (grow revenue) and reduce companywide costs (drive profitability).

If you’re a Forrester subscriber, you can access the report here 

This case study on the role, responsibilities and success metrics of a Green IT Manager looks a good read too.