DECC announces new consultation on CRC

Following Chancellor George Osborne’s strong criticism of the complexity of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency scheme in last’s Budget, the Department of Energy & Climate Change today announced a new consultation.

DECC’s new-look CRC when it comes in will include:

  • A shortening of the CRC qualification process.
  • Reducing the number of fuels covered by CRC from 29 to 4.
  • Reducing the amount of reporting required by businesses.
  • Reducing the length of time participants will have to keep records.
  • Removing the requirement on facilities covered by Climate Change Agreement or EU Emissions Trading System installations to purchase CRC allowances. 
  • Adopting new emissions factors for the CRC which will align it with Greenhouse Gas reporting processes.
  • Removing the detailed metrics of the Performance League Table from legislation and placing them in government guidance.

The formal consultation will run for twelve weeks from today. Following on from this, the Government plans to amend the legislation for CRC by April 2013.

DECC issued this press release about its plans.


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