After City bonuses, the next perk: secure bike parking

Pip Errington, who runs the ecoXchange site, which features a new procurement tool that puts eco-products, including ICT products, in front of serious business buyers, pointed me to this story in the Evening Standard blogs, which discusses why secure bike parking has become a must-have perk for City financiers before agreeing to switch employers in the Square Mile.

The piece quotes Iain Simmons, assistant transportation director at the City of London Corporation, who says: “One thing I found staggering was when a director of a City business told me about a job interview with an investment banker.

“When it comes to questions, people are saying to them: ‘Part of my lifestyle is that I want to cycle to work. Can you guarantee me a cycle parking space, quality shower and locker?’ If the answer is no, they are going to work for somebody else who can.”

The blog suggests that the City of London Corporation, the local authority for the Square Mile, believes that an extra 27,000 bike parking places are needed after research showed the lack of secure storage stopped thousands of people cycling to work.