Fintech professional’s tech predictions: 7- support for disconnecting from the connected world

This is prediction number seven from a fintech contact of mine making tech predictions for the next five years.

Previous blog posts in this series predicted: that tech firms will soon need government certificates if producing news content, the cyber security risks associated with smart energy meters, the risks associated with sharing data, how social media will fall under increasing government regulation, how the public will build a better understanding of privacy settings on websites, and banks will increasingly become the suppliers of banking services to the big websites.

This entry predicts that young people might increasingly disconnect from the connected world.

Fintech IT professional says: “As more tech scandals come to light around hacking, data abuse, cybercrime, government monitoring, personality profiling and the use of tech platforms to spread misinformation, a more cautious approach to the adoption of connected tech will emerge in younger people. The next generation of users may not see the novelty and excitement that has unfolded in recent years, but view the connected world as much as a hazard as a benefit. Future users may avoid non-essential online tech and consider more carefully the risks and benefits of the services they decide to use. A ‘disconnected ideology’ may emerge in which growing numbers of people aim to minimise their online presence.”

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