Fintech professional’s tech predictions: 1 – Fake News

Tech firms will soon need government certificates if producing news content to fight against fake news.

I was having a conversation with a good contact of mine. He is an IT/finetch  professional in the banking sector with a particular focus on security.

He was recently giving me a few predictions for tech over the next few years and though I should share them and get some comments from the wider public.

He sent me his main predictions and I am going to put one on the blog everyday or so until I get through them. Please post your own thoughts in he comments section.

He told me: ”I expect a few of these predictions may be a statement of the obvious to those more closely involved, so I send them in context of trends emerging over the next 1 to 5 years. I think we are approaching the point when an increasing number of people will realise how risky the connected world can be and start to minimise or withdraw from it where possible. This would have a profound impact on the current tech trajectory that most people believe in. Security, privacy and tackling cyber crime will continue to gain momentum as the most critical issues in tech.”

Here is prediction 1 from the banking IT insider:

This one is a subject close to my heart as a journalist.

1 – Fake news:

“Governments will need to introduce certification schemes for any tech firms providing news style functionality. Certification will only be granted to those which demonstrate a credible and reliable ability to deliver accurate, unbiased information. The public will be educated to understand that any uncertified news source must be considered untrustworthy. News will be clearly identified to separate it from opinions, comments or other forms of information sharing. As widespread public opinion can have far reaching consequences, it will be a priority for governments to ensure populations know how to separate truth from fiction.”

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