Catwalk models be afraid there is a 98% chance a robot will take your jobs

Software robots are already replacing humans in the corporate world with robotic process automation software being used to carry out repetitive tasks. But modeling jobs will be taken next as human like robots hit the catwalks and photoshoots.

Automation has gone beyond automating contact centres by connecting customers to the right department, to using cognitive technology to answer questions for customers.

Software robots today even give financial advice. For example NatWest is offering consumers an investment advice service automated through software. In 2017, The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which owns NatWest, said automated financial advice services led to a 220-employee reduction in its face-to-face adviser roles.

The financial services sector is leading the way when it comes to using software robots.

At Deutsche Bank the CEO recently said thousands of human staff will be replaced by robots.

Sweden’s SEB bank became the first bank to use IPsoft’s cognitive technology for customer services after the software robot proved successful in an internal IT service desk project.

The list goes on.

According to research from of data from sources including Oxford University and governmental databases carried out by Leisure jobs, the most likely jobs to be automated or taken boy robots by 2035 are telemarketing jobs, with a likelihood of 98%. About 221,000 jobs for humans are expected to go in that time frame.

That is not surprising but second place is. According to the study the second most likely job to be automated or taken by robots, with a 98% chance, is modeling. About 98,000 jobs are expected to go by 2035.

I recently interviewed Chetan Dube, founder of AI platform maker IPsoft, and he made a startling prediction.

“We are carbon-based organisms and robots are silicon-based, but I think the boundaries around them are going to get progressively diffused to the extent that you will not be able to distinguish between a human and an android in the next nine years,” he told me.

But there is good news for all those aspiring artists out there. In the past people were often discouraged from focusing art through the fear that it was difficult to make a living out of it. Well the good news is automation software and robots only have a 4% chance of taking over the role of a fine artist. So while the models look set to become robots the designers look safe.

If you want to know how likely your job is to be done by a robot by 2035, use this tool.

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