iPhone emergency get US man into hot water

A man in the US state of Illinois faced with a malfunctioning iPhone landed himself in hot water when he sought help.

Michael Skopec simply did what any other US citizen would do in an emergency: he called 911, but the authorities were not amused.

Skopec was so convinced that 911 services would be able to help fix his iPhone, he called the emergency line five times.

Instead of getting the help he was seeking, however, Skopec was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice.

According to reports, it was not clear what Skopec’s iPhone emergency was and what he was trying to accomplish by calling 911.

Perhaps the fact that the arresting officers reported he was drunk offers some explanation for his behaviour, but Skopec is probably not alone in seeing a broken iPhone as an emergency.

This proves smartphones are so much more than voice communication devices. After all, Skopec clearly had access to another phone if he was able to call 911 five times.