eharmony and Alexa are officially an item

“Let me tell you about your first match. Ooh la la! She lives five miles away!”

You probably wouldn’t think Alexa would say something like that but now it can, thanks to some creative intervention from the love gurus at online dating site eharmony.

As a result of their tinkering, eharmony users can use their Amazon Echo devices to find out information about new matches, hear their messages, find out who’s viewed their profiles, and request the pics of any potential love matches get sent direct to their phones.

Eharmony said its relationship with Alexa is strictly business, and is based on the realisation that (according to ComScore) 50% of all online searchers will be voice-based by 2020.

Aside from “Oh la la”, the eharmony-infused Alexa can say other stuff like, “You have five unread messages. Woo hoo!”, as part of eharmony’s wide bid to help the lovelorn singletons of the world feel less alone in their quest to find the one.

At least that’s the story Romain Bertrand, the company’s UK country manager is sticking to. “We know online dating can sometimes feel like a daunting if not solitary task. We’re confident that with Alexa on board we can increase confidence and create a deeper sense of intimacy for those using our service.

“Alexa will act as a guiding hand giving feedback on matches’ interests, personality traits and crucially, their levels of compatibility.” Which is kind of sweet, but also a bit creepy, if we’re honest.

The eharmony-Alexa integration is available now, but only install it if you promise not be that person who asks “Alexa, are you single?”.