Wi-Fi proof wallpaper

With smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and even cookers linking up to the internet at home, Wi-Fi is a must for most families. Yet, security specialists are always warning us how vulnerable we are if we don’t protect our networks from the outside world.

The answer to our security prayer has surfaced – Changing Rooms style.

Scientists from the Institut Polytechnique Grenoble and the Centre Technique du Papier have invented what they claim to be ‘anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper‘ to keep your network within your four walls and keep naughty passers-by from trying to steal your connection.

The design has specifically placed silver crystals built into the paper to block the signal. However, the inventors claim it still allows for mobile signals to pass through, so you can make calls from your Wi-Fi safe haven.

The one flaw in this interior design plan? The Wi-Fi blocking fails if you have a window. Perhaps we will have Wi-fi curtains next?

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