Wi-Fi is a rollercoaster ride!

We are obsessed with getting Wi-Fi in weird and wacky places where it really isn’t necessary to access the internet – well, except to check to out Computer Weekly of course!

Now, it seems theme parks are the next destination with Sky-owned free Wi-Fi service, The Cloud, announcing it will be getting Alton Towers wired, enabling visitors to Tweet and Facebook their experiences throwing up on rides or paying too much for inedible hamburgers.

Downtime is a tad worried that rollercoaster riders aren’t enamoured enough with what’s on offer that they want to have their eyes and fingers attached to their mobiles, even when surrounded by treats to answer the prayers of many a thrill seeker.

But, that’s the joy of technology for you! At least you can check your work email whilst the kids go on the teacups now…

English: Rollercoaster at Alton Towers, Englan...

English: Rollercoaster at Alton Towers, England. Français : Oblivion , montagnes russes à Alton Towers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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