When Google Glass meets Ray Bans - the Hollywood remakes

It had to happen. In the wake of Google’s Glass internet-enabled spectacles getting rave reviews from tech geeks (not a great thing for fashion-wear) and noses turned up from fashion geeks (not a great thing for geek-wear), the web giant has teamed up with the company that makes Ray Ban and Oakley sunglasses to create “a new kind of eyewear”.

It was inevitable that fashion designers would jump into the wearable technology trend to make products that normal human beings might actually choose to wear.

Glass users have variously reported getting headaches, funny looks, and even beaten up since taking to the streets, so Google will be hoping to bring a touch of Ray Ban and Oakley cool to its geekwear.

Imagine, if you will, the movie remakes this will allow Hollywood to inflict on us all.

Look – there’s Goose and Maverick in the updated Top Gun, singing along to “You’ve lost that loving feeling” thanks to their Ray Ban Glass Editions karaoke app in a bar, then high-fiving with a yell of “I feel the need, the need to say, hello Glass”.

Imagine how different Brat Pack classic The Breakfast Club will be when the Google Ray Bans the errant kids pass round give them all the answers to their homework and they get to leave detention early.

Or worse yet, here come Mr White, Mr Orange, Mr Blonde, Mr Pink, Mr Blue and Mr Brown, black-suited and walking menacingly down the street in the new Reservoir Dogs, bumping into street lamps because they’re watching video on their Google Wayfarers instead.

But at least we might be able to sympathise when Mr Blonde tortures his victim by tearing his Google Glass off his face and telling him he looks like an idiot. Now there’s a worthy justification for slicing the guy’s ear off.

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