What's in your stocking? Not much methinks

We’re steaming towards Christmas and the peer pressure has begun. People flashing their iPaddle, Wii wiis and the Xbox Kinect Four’s in my face, it’s enough to  make me sick.

That last one really annoys me. Microsoft want me to pay hundreds of pounds to dance around my living room in front of the TV looking like a loon?

The kids keep telling me that it’s the latest technology. That it tracks your movement using a motion sensing camera and has face recognition. That I can see myself on screen as I wave my hands about and wiggle my self senseless.

Why would I do that? My family gets to watch me do that on Boxing Day every year, just put on Agadoo give me a couple of beers and it’s fun for all the family!

It’s a hell of a lot cheaper and anyone can join in. No gadgets, no gizmos just wholesome family fun. Even Grandad’s doing it!