What do technologists do? Drink water and attend meetings

A video by Ocado Technology asks parents of technologists to describe what their children do at work, revealing how little they know.

Parents who have children currently employed in the technology field have no knowledge about what their offspring do at work, research by Ocado Technology has revealed.

In a video by retailer Ocado’s technology division, parents who have children working as software engineers are asked to describe what their son or daughter does at work, revealing they know little to nothing about what it actually means to work in a technology role.

The firm aims to use the video in its drive to employ 300 hardware and software engineers to help with its future plan to use its business model to help some other large bricks-and-mortar retailers with their online push.

In a bid to create interest in roles such as Java developers, mobile developers and cloud infrastructure experts, Ocado Technology challenged current employees’ parents to explain what these roles would involve.

After stating she had looked up her son’s job title on LinkedIn, which she referred to as Lindecar, one mother described that during a work day her son “attends meetings”.

Another parent stated about his daughter: “I think she spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer and drinking bottled water.”

Despite not knowing the ins and outs of the roles, all parents agreed their jobs made their children excited and happy.

So next time a software engineer tries to baffle you with complex words when describing their role, all they’re really doing is covering up the truth – they really just drink water all day and go to endless meetings.