Value of money lost on Chelsea FC tweeter but not the Toon Army

It seems that fans of the mid-sized but very rich football team Chelsea have leant from their Russian owner and taken to throwing their money away.

One individual, who Downtime can only presume is a fan of Fulham’s second club, was so confident Chelsea would win against bottom of the table QPR that he used Twitter to bet his bank details on it.

He announced to followers that he would publish his bank details if Chelsea lost to QPR, which they did.

This shows that money is not only meaningless to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, but even the fans.

Compare this to James Perch at big, but not as rich, club Newcastle United. He found a fiver on the pitch during the game and his first thought was to give it to a fan. Well that was until a steward stepped in to take it off him. After another result like that I think all Newcastle supporters deserve some money back.

See James Perch giving something back.

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