US state government forces mid-life crisis sufferers to grow up

Two seat sports cars could regain top billing for those entering their middle ages as a US state gets tough on drone enthusiasts.

The sports car industry has been suffering since the popularity of Drones has turned the heads of 40 somethings. But this could change as lawmakers in California plan to force droners to grow up. Users of drones in California could soon be forced to get number plates and insurance for their drones. 

There have been some incidents in the state where drones have caused damage to property and even people, so users will need to be insured to cover the costs in the event of accidents. This aims to reduce the number of “hit and run” drone accidents by ordering drone pilots to leave their identifying information at the scene of the accident.

One lawmaker, who has clearly been and done midlife crisis said: “If a drone breaks down, runs out of power or crashes into something, the operator needs to do the responsible thing and come forward and identify himself to the victim and to the police. This bill will make that responsibility the law.” Spoil sport.

So 50 year olds across the state will be cancelling orders for drones with built in speakers and sound system compatible with their Duran Duran CD collection.