UK jail bars no barrier to Facebook

While some people may be considering using a free app to issue insults from beyond the grave, others are using Facebook to taunt victims and their families from behind bars.

In the past two years, nearly 350 people have been caught posting entries on Facebook while serving a prison sentence, UK Ministry of Justice figures show, according to reports.

Prisoners are theoretically banned from using the internet, but many are gaining access to social networking and other sites using smuggled-in mobile phones.

Two years ago it emerged that Colin Gunn, one of the UK most dangerous gangsters was using Facebook to threaten his enemies from a high-security prison cell.

Groups representing crime victims and their families have called on justice authorities to police social networking sites more closely.

Although all profiles of those caught are shut down by prison officials and Facebook has undertaken to remove anything violating its usage policy, hundreds of inmates are believed to have used the site without authorities knowing.

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