UK beats Azerbaijan to win thuggery crown

An all-Azerbaijani computer science olympiad might sound like the set-up to a particularly poor joke, but rest assured, it is authentic. Details from the Azerbaijan Business Centre website are sketchy, but apparently this is the second time the contest is being held.

“The Ministry of Communications & Information Technologies of Azerbaijan informed that 33 teams from 14 educational institutions (including four teams from regions) took part in the first round. Thirteen teams got in the second round. In the first round they gathered 30% possible points. The final round will be held on May 3, 2008 in the Institute if Information Technologies,” said the site.

Plans to host a torch run through the streets of the capital apparently passed uncontested, which is in contrast to the Blue Peter-bashing run that took place last week in our own fair capital. British thugs: best in the world!