Tories leave ICT loophole alone but close CAT route

Theresa May inadvertently closed a major immigration loophole when she let illegal immigrants know that having a pet cat was not enough to qualify as UK residents.

While overseas workers flood in on Intra Company Transfers (ICTs), those taking the CAT route are having to re-think their plans. Don’t they know a basic IT qualification and the readiness to work for two-thirds of a normal salary will do the trick?

But unaware of the ease of entry if you have basic IT skills many illegal immigrants have switched to the DOG route instead. You can’t get more British than a dog after all.

This has caused major headaches for cat rescue organisations across the country that have seen a huge increase in unwanted pets.

But the unwanted dog industry is also suffering. The growing demand for dogs is running stocks low and thousands of redundancies are expected.