Top interview gaffes

We’ve all heard the stories – the candidate who answered their mobile during an interview and said “You don’t mind if I take this do you and can I have some privacy?”  Then there’s the interviewee that actually said he didn’t want the job for long, just until he’d raised enough money to go travelling! These are just some of the genuine blunders commonly reported by leading interviewers in major corporations in the UK.
Sarah Drew is a regular interviewer and can testify firsthand that some people just don’t have a clue when it comes to going for an interview. “Sometimes the most able candidate on paper can shoot themselves in the foot when you actually meet them.”
According to users of, some of the most outrageous interview gaffes include wearing Inappropriate clothing. Yes a boob tube has been recorded as the most unsuitable garment worn to an interview. Sarah Drew says:  “Make sure your attire is suited to the organisation you are going to, if in doubt, Keep it smart – a black suit never fails.” Unless of course you are going for a job as a stripper.