The Nativity like you've never seen before

The story of the Nativity is known by almost everyone but Reverend Gavin Tyte decided that it was lacking a certain something. 

The vicar from Devon thought a spot of beatboxing, rapping, dressing up and video editing would do the trick so, he set to work. 

The 40-year-old’s efforts are now available for all to see on YouTube and they have already attracted a decent amount of attention. 

Having been a beatboxer since the age of 8, Rev Tyte has  judged the UK beatboxing championships as well as being the former editor of and he frequently uses  beatbox rhythms in his sermons. 

Last year he produced a quick version of the Nativity on video and said, “I had feedback that people wanted an HD version with subtitles so I set about creating a new video that could be played in churches and youth clubs. I love writing and wondered if it was possible to write the bible in rap.” 

Downtime thinks Tyte is obviously ‘down with the kids’ and his video editing skills don’t seem to be too bad either. WORD.