Technology to fit a student's life

As if technology, like the internet, wasn’t making students’ lives easy enough a university is making the kind gesture of allowing students to attend lectures in their own time.

The University of the West of England is harnessing technology that will not only allow students to attend lectures from anywhere with an internet connection, but actually watch them at a later date.

Unified communications software, networking equipment and video conferencing are just some of the technologies being used by the university will to stream lectures to multiple locations and make them available to watch later.

While downtime supports this type of development we do worry about the messages this will send students. Festering in bed after a hard day and night socialising will no longer bring on the guilt.

What about the lectures? Typically only attended by half the students this is likely to result in lecturers talking to a camera.

We hope that the university has taken into account the paranoia effect. The one that hits you at 4am when you suddenly start to worry about the lecture you missed. This is when the bandwidth will be put to the test.