Sony to ban gamers unless they promise not to sue

Sony, fearing it is between a rock and a hard place after more than 100 million online user accounts were exposed in a hacking attack, is taking desperate and somewhat sneaky measure to limit liabilities.

The beleaguered company is preparing to ban gamers from the PlayStation Network (PSN) if they do not give up the right to collectively sue Sony over the security breaches, according to the BBC.

In addition to bolstering network security, it seems Sony has also been busy crafting new PSN terms and conditions, which users will have to agree to the next time they log in.

But once agreed, gamers will be not be able to take part in any legal class action and will be forced to resolve any legal issues with an arbitrator picked by Sony, before being able to file a lawsuit.

All this waiving of rights is in the small print, however, and Sony is doubtless counting on most gamers just scrolling down to click on the “agree” button.

Savvy PSN users who want to keep their right to file a class action lawsuit without any need for arbitration will have to send a letter to Sony’s US headquarters.

But, in what appears to be a catch 22 situation, before subscribers have a chance to opt out, they will still be required to agree to the new terms the next time they log into their accounts, otherwise they will not able to use the online services.