Software developers incapable of sitting up straight, research shows

The software developer community’s commitment to poor posture has been laid bare in a blog, showcasing the wide variety of inventive ways coders have found to punish their spines over the course of the working day.

The Good Coder; Bad Posture blog features numerous snaps of developers hard at work, while slumped over (or under) their PCs, while wilfully ignoring every one of the NHS’ rules on how to sit and use a computer correctly.

The blog’s curators are actively encouraging developers to keep a watchful eye over their coding counterparts, so that Good Coder; Bad Posture can accurately document all the weird and wonderful ways people sit while slaving away over their command lines.  

So, if you see a developer demonstrating a similarly nonchalant attitude to sitting up straight, with both feet flat on the floor, be sure to take a picture and submit it to the blog.