Social media can kill: don't be a planker

There has been a lot in the news lately about the security risks of Social Media, but the death of a 20-year-old Australian proves that online games of one-upmanship can be fatal.

An internet craze dubbed “planking” involves posting pics online of participants lying down in a variety of weird and wonderful places.

The term “planker” is said to have been coined in Autralia and refers to participants lying with arms against their bodies to resemble a plank.

While pics of people balance atop burger joint signs, giant beer cans, street signs and a whole host of famous landmarks can be funny, the competiveness among participants is making it increasingly dangerous.

Following the death of Acton Beale, who fell to his death while posing for a planking pic on a 7th floor balcony, the internet craze has come under fire from police concerned it will get out of hand.

Even the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard has urged anybody who “like a bit of fun” to focus first on keeping themselves safe, according to reports.

The trick is knowing when a bit of internet fame is just not worth it.

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