Silicon aesthete offers digital discrimination

The wolf whistles of Britain’s builders could soon be a thing of the past if computer scientists from Tel Aviv get their way. Boffins claim they have managed to successfully “teach” a computer how to spot an attractive woman – the qualities of which can now be reduced to a few hundred lines of Cobol code rather than the more traditional “You look fine, dear. Honest. I never loved your sister.”

The breakthrough heralds a marriage of computer programming and psychology to get a computer to make an aesthetic judgement, according to the lead boffin Amit Kagian. “Until now, computers have been taught how to identify basic facial characteristics. But our software lets a computer make an aesthetic judgment.”

The researchers fed features such as face symmetry, skin smoothness and hair colour into the computer to conduct the analysis. What the computer made of the chiselled features of the programming team is not yet known.