Shinder fires up Tinder

Best app we’ve come across recently has to be Shinder. Shinder is a kind of dating website from self-styled comedian/entrepreneur, Sheridan ‘Shed’ Simove.

Best practices for online dating suggests your best chance of success is by being the first profile found on the online dating app or site. Shed has taken the idea of flicking through prospective dates to the next level. He’s the only bloke on Shinder, so I guess the chances of being found are pretty high.

One ever so slight spanner in the works for Shed is that dating app, Tinder, has taken offense, and is now filing a legal objection, alleging trademark infringement. So Downtime’s top tips for success on dating apps/sites are: First, create a nice profile with  some believable background and a decent picture – but definitely no ‘pouting’, according to Marie Claire. Then, and this is the really important step…create a Tinder-like app, and feel free to upload as many different copies of your profile as you wish (or a quick and dirty hack so that only your profile is ever found). Then sit back and get lucky.