Sexting app could have a use for tech firms

Okay, you caught Downtime. We sexed up the headline a bit, Snapchat isn’t “officially” a sexting app, it is a real-time picture chatting app that offers time protection.  

Although, you would be forgiven for thinking that sexting is the sole use for this app, given the images that accompany it and the fact that it is labelled as 12+ because of “Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity”.


Anyway, where do tech companies come into this? Well, Downtime is sick of supposed leaks of new products and the incessant speculation and rumours that follow. Companies could take matters into their own hands and use this sexting  photo sharing app to send out a picture of their latest product on their terms.
The timer function in Snapchat means that the recipients can only see the image for a maximum of 10 seconds before it disappears forever. And, as an added safety measure if they try to take a screen shot the image is closed. 
Problem solved. No need to thank Downtime. We’re here to serve. 
(Image taken from Snapchat’s iTunes page)

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