Scramble the bomb squad, here be PRs

The delivery of a beeping metal box led to the evacuation of a building in Sydney and the deployment of the Australian bomb squad.
The delivery was made to the offices of online news site Ninemsn, which is partly-owned by Microsoft.
Journalists become concerned when they called other newsrooms and found that none had received a similar delivery, according to the BBC.
After ensuring the building was empty, the bomb squad scanned the metal box before forcing it open to discover that it contained nothing more than a copy of the latest Watch Dogs computer game.
The game’s publisher Ubisoft apologised after it was informed that its ill-advised publicity stunt had backfired.
Downtime can only wonder at the fact that loud alarm bells did not go off when some PR person suggested sending a package looking and sounding like a bomb to a new site that does not cover games.
Ubisoft later said it had taken precautions to avoid a similar situation in the future, which hopefully included firing the PR company.