Satirical blog causes a stir in the Maldives

After a satirical blog stating the Maldives was set to be omitted from the Times Atlas of the World was published the country’s acting high commissioner, who is based in London, wrote to the Daily Telegraph’s editor demanding clarification and an apology.
The blog in question claimed the island nation was to be left out of the Times Atlas of the World. The author, James Delingpole who himself is a climate change sceptic, said the next edition would omit some low-lying areas at risk of rising sea levels. 
The tounge-in-cheek post was put together following comments from scientists who said the  Atlas had exaggerated the scale of ice-cover reduction in Greenland.
According to the blog it wasn’t just the Maldives that is set to be turned into a modern day Atlantis, “Tuvalu” and “major parts of Bangladesh” are also at risk. 
The post even contained fictitious quotes, saying that in map-making, “emotional truth” was more important than actual truth.
The Maldives acting high commissioner said the entry had implied that his country’s climate change plight was a con-trick, and it was despicable and hurtful.
However, he added that Maldivians had as strong a sense of humour as anyone. 

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