San Miguel encourages drunk dialing

A bottle of San Miguel beer.

A bottle of San Miguel beer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all made that mistake; gone out for a few bevvies with friends and wandered home in a state of inebriation, foolishly calling the one person we really shouldn’t to express some emotion we should have stayed stoically British about and pushed down inside. Well, we all have at CW anyway…

However, it seems the culprits of these calls – yes, it is the beers’ fault – are looking to get in on the game and bring home some additional revenues from our boozey banter.

San Miguel, one of the top 10 beer brands in the world, has announced it is entering the mobile operator market in its home turf of the Philippines – a location known for its tiny take-up of smartphones.

It hopes to take on the homegrown leader Smart Communications, which currently holds 70% market share, along with secondary player Globe Telecom.

We could surely be tempted with some nice bundle deals: free texts, free calls and a free case of San Miguel for every month we sign up? We better turn our phones off before we start drinking it though… 

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