Samsung fridge will help solve London housing crisis

Samsung’s latest refrigerator promises to make grocery shopping easy and spice up life in the Kitchen.

The South Korean tech firm announced its Family Hub refrigerator at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new fridge enables users to shop in a virtual grocery through a screen. It also has a camera inside to allow users to check the contents of a fridge via a mobile phone. It can even warn you if food is out of date.

And for those that want the kitchen to become the centre of their home they can stream music or films directly from Samsung TV.

But the true value of the fridge is its ability to free up rooms in London. With the London Mayoral election ramping up candidates could be missing a trick. The fridge will push people to the kitchen which will in turn free up the living room as the extra bedroom. So free tech enabled fridges for all household should be  a key election promise.

But fridges are just the start. Plans are in the pipeline for a two seat toilet with built in plasma to relieve more pressure on congested London households. And not dissimilar to the fridge’s ability to warn users that food is out of date, the entertainment loo will perform basic scatology and email reports and dietary advice to users.