Research points the way to the blatantly obvious

Here at Downtime HQ we are accustomed to receiving regular PR-generated research, which on rare occasions sheds some insight into the workings of the IT world. In most cases though, the research exists for no other reason than to attract the interest of an under pressure hack with a quota of news stories to fill. Or a blog that occasionally writes about PR-generated rubbish.

In recent weeks we have seen plenty of the useless and pointless – for example, apparently IT workers are more likely to buy romantic gifts for Valentine’s day than any other profession. Hmm.

Today though, we received an example of another frequent category of research, known universally by the description “No sh*t Sherlock.”

You will be shocked and stunned, no doubt, to learn that, according to title of the press release announcing this latest cutting-edge survey, “IT decision-makers are comfortable with outsourcing.”

Wow. Bet you didn’t know that.

Apparently 93 per cent of multinational firms have undertaken some form of outsourcing. You don’t say! And get this – the top three reasons for doing so are: to access specialist skills; to cut costs; and to improve service levels.

Now you know. And thanks to Orange Business Services for answering the questions that IT folk have been pondering for years.

Next: “IT decision-makers comfortable with internet.” You read it here first.