Prank calling gets a not-at-all-needed IT makeover

Downtime has learnt, through an unwisely directed PR e-mail, of a website aimed at reducing the time needed to make a prank call by automating the process.

The website,, allows users to arrange prank calls to friends, relatives and, more likely, people they want to piss off, at the touch of a button.

It is all harmless fun, says the creator, who no doubt loves nothing more than having his time wasted by feckless idiots with nothing better do.

Downtime doubts whether time commitments in prank calling are a significant problem, but is always willing to applaud entrepreneurship.

It makes us wonder what other nuisance behaviours could be automated. Perhaps vandals could be replaced by grafitti-spraying droids. What about a reckless driving auto-pilot function on cars? The opportunities are endless; all you need is a bad idea and PR firm willing to take your money.