Oxygen thieves unite!

Well-padded Eurocrats have come up with a great excuse to get their snouts in the taxpayer-funded trough. It is called DigitalEurope, only with more capitals. A digital single market would add 4% to the continent’s GDP, it says, so some €472 trillion, based on Eurostat’s’s GDP figure of €11,805,622 million.
But first it has to iron out a few wrinkles: diverging copyright licencing;copyright levy systems unfit for the digital age;differing data protection rules; different consumer protection regimes; contrasting interpretations of intermediary liability; lack of technology neutral standards; lack of radio-spectrum harmonisation; lack of effective payment systems to facilitate cross-border transactions and a lack of Europe-wide organised recycling schemes to support large-scale operations.
Downtime believes anyone signing up for DigitalEurope should be paid on results, i.e. from the 4% increase in GDP.Then we’ll see who’s a time-wasting oxygen thief.