Orange sours customer relations

We’ve all done it, but that’s no excuse these days for copying a marketing letter to everyone in your contact book, as Orange’s online service team has just done to 1107 people who emailed its customer service centre.
It read in part, “In the pursuit of improving service provided to our customers, Orange are intending to update and modify the ‘Contact Us’ section of the Orange website that our customers use to email their queries to our Customer Service Representatives. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply to this email with your thoughts on the ‘Contact Us’ section by answering the following questions…”
Downtime invites the 1107 Orange customers affected (we all know who you are now) to share their thoughts on this breach of the peace and probably the Data Protection Act too. (Thanks for the tip, JT.)

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I am one of the lucky people on this mailing list.

Ironically I contacted them by email (how they got my email address) to inquire about leaving o2 in favour of them because I didn't like how I'd been treated at o2.

They sure won me over!

We've all been emailing each other (thanks to Orange giving us everyone's email), and everyone is pretty pissed off to say the least. My mailbox has been a complete joke the last few days, with dozens of unwanted emails.

Apparently they (Orange) are now investigating!

I was one of the people emailed and this is exactly the reason I keep having to change my email adress because of companies emailing me wether its from them or 3rd parties. This is my 4th email address. I find it very shocking that such a big corprate company can violate security and personal information in such a big way.

Its disgusting that this has happened. I have called Orange and although the telephone operative was very polite and helpful on passing my concern and complaint onto the manager, I am STILL awaiting a call back from Orange. Not happy that my personal email details have been compromised. Shame on Orange.

I was one of the users on the list. Very bemused by this glaring mistake, but as the author above has writtern, we have all made similar mistakes!

I have also been contacted with the Orange email. I have also contacted them regarding the breach of my information. Already receiving more spam.... Still waiting for a response. Had a look at the safety and security messages on their website - what a joke. Not a happy bunny!

I was one of the 1107 people. Sorry, but I run an IT and internet firm and we do 'not' make mistakes on that scale. Totally unacceptable these days. Haven't they heard of something called 'preview'.

I was initially writing to them to complain that my online account has been unavailable and apparently in use by someone else (DPA 1998 again?) since last Dec 2nd plus they no longer send me a bill when I asked them to carry on doing so. And now they give out my personal email address to some 1100 people and are in direct breach of the DPA 1998 without a shadow of a doubt as that email address was not in the public domain.

At least they are consistently incompetent I suppose.

I am also an unhappy receipiant of the infamous 1,000 odd emails. Have a look at their "Safety and security on line" information. Perhaps all staff need to heed their own advice. I have contacted them but have yet to receive a reply!

Its actually quite amazing considering that they were initially asking for feedback on their 'contact us' email service. I have spoken to Orange and after getting the run around and a senior manager telling me this could not possibly happen because orange only ever email one person at a time (...really?) i quoted the email address from which it came and they went sheepish, admitted that they had made a huge mistake, and that they were gonna look into it and call me back within 15 mins- that was 5 hours ago and still i havent heard anything. This is a massive breach of the data protection act and I personally would like to know what our legal postion is.

Im not sure if the future is bright - its lookin pretty dark for one mobile phone provider I know of...

Yes, I was one of the chosen few...i mean thousand.

Complaint in progress, though no direct contact as of yet.

I too am one of those 1000 people who received the email. Have found it rather funny actually, considering the recent experience I have had with them. Phoned, and spoke to a rather uphelpful guy, was rather rude actually. Was told that I would receive a reply by tomorrow - well thats what I was told last time - here's hoping.....

I am also one of the customers on this list. Whilst mistakes do happen I would have expected Orange to have contacted me to apologise. They only have my email address as the customer assistant on the telephone ask me to make a compliment about her?!

I too received the dreaded email, but, not to one, but two of my email address's as I had asked them to change my email address this week....guess what they didn't delete the alternative!!!

You can phone Ofcom 020 7981 3040 and they are very helpful, they gave me an Orange direct telephone number in UK, and advised contacting the Infomation Commissioners Office.

Orange just told me they have released a statement saying they are trying to resolve the issue which occured on Tuesday....hello it is Weds, Orange have been working on this for 24hrs and we all still get this today even though they are aware of the problem!

(not publishing orange number as they might change it!)

I contacted Ofcom who directed me to the Information Commisioners Office who deal with enforcement of data protection.

They advised me it sounds like Orange are in breach of Principle 7 which refers to processing information securely.

They recommended I/we write to Orange with a formal complaint and/or write to the ICO via their website. Apparently the more that do - the more likely they are to take formal action.

The letter to Orange should be along the lines of asking them what they intend to do to resolve and I personally would ask them what they intend to do in terms of keeping my business so that I do not chnage service provider.

I think the prospect of losing over 1,000 customers might make them sit up and take note.

Anyway, just in case of interest.

Kind regards

Nina Bradford

Well the original bad guys with the scheme probably came off the best.

Everyone can be targeted by these people, but the shear unprofessional manner in which Orange is handling this whole situation and the poor contact access for Orange, make these criminals look like geniusses.

Another one whos address was broadcast. A stupid mistake.

I have recieved three new emails from customer services team this afternoon.....apparantly they find this amusing!!!!! they even sent the link to this blog claiming they are famous!!!

NOT IMPRESSED!!! Orange would not even allow me to complain!!!

Hi, I am one of the 1000. I seriously think we need some compensation, how much time are we going to lose receiveing and then deleting adverts for viagra and requests for bank details?! That e-mail was a phishers dream come true!

Did anyone notice that the original e-mail was sent at 18:07? I imagine someone at Orange was in a rush to go home and thought they'd take a little short-cut to get themselves out of the office!

It's worse than said here. I recieved 3 of the same emails last evening with, as far as I can see, three seperate lists each of a simular size - thus some 3,000+ email addresses comprimised.

I was also one of the people who was in that email. its disgusting! its such a silly mistake to make!! I HATE ORANGE


I work in email marketing and am a marketing consultant.

We now must lodge an official complaint with the ICO (Information Commission Office) - see this link:

Once we have done this we should request compensation from Orange for misuse of our data. They are also likely to recieve a fine.

Please can everyone who recieved the email register a complaint.


Tom Burrell

Yeah, its not very good of them to email the world... but i am more concerned how i end up paying 50 to 60 quid every month for an iphone when for the last month i have not received any international texts, and everytime someone calls me it goes straight to voicemail. And then to top it off i receive the notification on average an hour to an hour and a half later - including text messages!

It is doing my business a whole lot of good and like many of you have emailed orange and got no response (other then to the whole world)

Nice one orange!

I am also on the list!

ORANGE either give me my £20 back or the unlock code!!!!!!


You bunch of thieving BAS*****!

I dont even remember contacting orange customer services, i guess this gives me good reason to

I also recieved this email, i have only been an orange customer for the past couple of weeks and already i'm regretting signing up with them, and i would love to know what they intend to do about it


I also am one of the 1000+ recipients of this email & I'm not even a customer. I had completed the "Contact us" form on their website yesterday, complaining that I had had no reply to 3 letters that I had sent to them regarding personal data of mine which they had on record. I requested a telephone number/email address so that I could contact their Darlington office which deals with Customer Security & Credit Ratings. I received an email reply saying that they would not divulge a telephone number or email address for the Darlington office as they are not, quote, "Customer facing." I find it ironic that they are quite happy to disclose my private email address. I am absolutely disgusted with Orange's attitude & will be taking this matter further.

I am also on the list. Unbelievable that they have not even apologised!!! But that would mean admitting to the mistake !!!

I have been a customer for over 10 years ... maybe its time for a change!!!

Orange are a joke, how long before i get the spam this is my personal email i am not happy about my details being put out. There must be some form of legal action we can take make them learn a lesson so they don't do it again.

Hi, I am also one of those affected and am still shocked at the lack of response/apology from Orange. After sending two emails last night and getting NO response I spoke to a girl today from the billings department, as there is no general customer services, who was very apologetic and promised to call me if she found anything out, she said that they were looking into it and trying to resolve the issue. Although not sure how they plan to resolve it i'm not sure as far as I can see damage is done!

With ref to Tom Burrell's post, what is the official address for Orange UK as i'm currently filling in my complaint to ICO?

Message to Mr P: I think the email that you are referring to actually came from one of the affected customers and not Orange. They havent actually replied to this issue! Yet?!

I too received a host of Spam emails from understandably, angry Orange customers,

Something I would not normally get.

At first I thought it might have been something I had done with my Mobile phone, but when I learned that it was something that Orange had done to compromise security of e.addresses. I was disgusted.

This has got to be sorted out by the ICO.

I will write to them and seek advice.

I too have emailed orange and have had no reply i belive the email leak was from

As they are the only people from orange i have emailed in the last 48 hours!

Also one of the 1000+ and just as furious. Orange style is and always has been to ignore customers. Like all the others I've been continuously told that someone will get back to me regarding my complaint, now complaints and they never do. They simply lie. They don't care if they lose 1 1000 customers, it probably means they can sack customer service advisors and save money!

Yes we must complain to the ICO and we must receive compensation, serious compensation as their actions have been negligent and illegal. I now want the unlock code for my phone and I want orange to suffer financially as that is the only language they understand.

What should we all do then? If we intend on doing something it shoud be all of us singing from same song sheet to get noticed?

I am one of the 1000+!!!!

I am on the list because I have complained several times about Orange and how they have handled the repair of my phone. It was sent back 8 weeks ago into the deepest, darkest chasm of the repair centre! One huge phone bill later and it still is "awaiting a part". What mysterious part is this? Does it come from Mars???? Unfortunately for me, I dared to return my phone because it was faulty...shock horror! BUT this was after the 28 days no quibble (ha ha) return period. So alas, I had to return the phone off my own steam and not make a fuss (there's a good girl) if I can't phone anyone for 8 weeks. I am still waiting for my phone - given up today and bought a new one.

My advice is that if you have to use Orange network, buy a phone that has come with a great review and therefore unlikely to develop a fault and if it goes wrong? Well, just cut out the middleman and save yourself the stress - drop the faulty phone in the bin and buy another!

Orange - love you when you're buying BUT "face, bovered" if you are returning/exchanging/lumbered with faulty phone/complaining!

I was included on the email as well and am appalled that our privacy has been breached like this!.

Orange better get their finger out and respond quickly or I can see all 1000+ of us departing to another provider.....

Shame on you Orange

I got the e-mail

Thing is they acknowledged my complaint and said they would respond in 24 hours - nothing

3 days letter I get the infamous feedback email

still waiting after nearly 4 weeks for my complaint to be resolved

I only want a £10 credit to my account that I paid for when I bought a phone

Perhaps if they stopped giving free cinema tickets out that no one wants they may be able to deal with my complaint

Anyone up for writing a complaint letter template? Might get more people to go ahead then. Just a thought...

I am also on the email and have had my personal details compromised, not happy.

Shame on you Orange!

@ Mr.P:

The responses to the original email weren't from orange representatives they were from some of the users on the list.



Yes Mr P. that was an affected customer not an Orange member of staff, they seemingly don't as fast as the rest of us. I've been with Orange for over 11 years, I've recently suspended my contract, a service they offer for those who don't need their phone for up to 6 months. I reinstated my contract and they've no record of my last 11+years of custom. They're customer service is usually very good, but their communication internally seems very poor. I also alerted them to the problem of adding everyones email this morning, but I'm yet to receive any response.

why you not posting my posts? I will forward this to every one on the orange list that you do not let people post on hear. Why have a blog when you do not allow the people affected to post pretty stupid to me.

Would not bother to post on this blog

as it seems they will pick and chose what they post, i think they may have

other motives.

I am also on the list, I have also called orange, the first person told me that the systems were down and put the phone down on me!!! (that went down well), the second has said that a manager will call back in 24 hours, "what would you like us to do to rectify this problem" but it was obvious that he didn't care, gave me a name a Mr Smith lol, Wonder how much they would get fined if they were reported to ofcom?? may have to do some research on that, If your reading orange we are very disappointed,

I am also one of the customers on list large list. I complained to orange yesterday via email, but guess what? - I am still awaiting a response. I am sure Sandra is right when she syas the 3 emails recieved were also from orange customers - not orange themselves.

I have spoken to Orange this afternoon, orange have sent an email round to all their internal staff to say that the mistake has happened and to apologise to anyone who calls and that they hope that we do not lose confidence in Orange. Shame they could not have emailed this to us directly. I understand human error but it is how you rectify a mistake, by just ignoring us is not going to make the problem go away!!

I am also on the list of people who received email.

I have lodged complaint with

ICO (Information Commission Office)

as per comment above

The apology is easy, you copy and paste all of our e-mail addresses from the original distribution into the BCC field and type "We're sorry ..."

Has it happened? No, course it hasn't.

Come on Orange, you're better than this, aren't you?

I am too on the list.

Where do we complain?

Get a life everyone. The only "personal data" that has been compromised is your email address. That's like saying that that a list with lots of people's postal addresses is compromising your personal data - its called the phone book!!

I know that this is technically a breach of the DPA, and I would expect Orange to apologise and be fined as their procedures should be better, but lets take a small reality check and realise that the world hasn't just ended!

Oh, and I'm on the list too!

As a proud member of this elite club I cannot believe what has happened. To make matters worse I have no dealings with Orange, I live in Australia, but they have been sending me other peoples e-mail for months now. This breach is just the final straw in what has been an ongoing security breach. I have even received credit card information through their messed up servers!


To Matt:

We understand that personal information is available in the phone book, however, like a lot of people, i am ex-directory so that my information is not available in this way and therefore the public have the option to not be included in this directory.

With this incident ... we have no choice

im on the list too.

I spoke to Orange iphone support team. They now have a std letter that they have to read out. The call staff sent an internal mail to their e.mail team but deny any breach of confidential data !

I only contacted them to say that my signal is duff !

Would an e.mail to say sory be that hard ?

Disgusted, I had complained to Orange on another matter regarding their Dolphin package and got short shrift with that too so this is the last straw, Virgin mobile here I come.

It is the other members on the list persistently sending messages to the entire list causing more problems than the original e-mail

And, Yes I am on the lsit!

I phoned Orange about this and they waffled on about something or another and couldn't actually tell me what they were going to do about it!

How much do you reckon we could take Orange for, since they have violated their own terms of contract and breached the data protection act?

I am on the list! woop! I'm only annoyed they didn't answer my query. Only 1107 of you know my email address now.

iPhones for compensation! HAHA.

I have just been through a two-week nightmare with both the online and 'call 450' customer service operations. Becoming one of the 'Orange 1107' is the cherry on a very unpalatable cake. Every day, I've been passed from pillar to post - or should I say one continent to another - spending 25p each time I speak to customer services in an effort to get a faulty handset replaced. The e-mail team refuses to help because it's a 'call 450 matter'. Every customer service representative has different rules for whether or not they'll speak to you. Last week, one of them refused to speak to me because - wait for it - it would contravene the Data Protection Act ! About 10 years ago my husband purchased a long-defunct handset for me and apparently it was essential to speak to him. This, despite the fact that I've topped up the phone for the past nine years and bought the current faulty handset in my own name. They undoubtedly have my details and certainly all our shared details (which I'm a bit worried about, now)- and all I wanted to know was why I had waited in from 9am to 1pm for a replacement phone which never arrived. I'll not go on - it is a massive saga. If any Computer Weekly reporter wants to do a story, though, I'll be glad to get in touch.

I'm on the list and am very annoyed that my email address has been shared this way! i have been with orange for 10 years and am now thinking about changing over now. we've got to make a stand about this, its not acceptable

I am one of the unlucky people, and guess why I used the contact us section in the first place??

To complain at their poor customer service and that I was disgusted at their lack of personal communication when regarding an individual complaint, and what do I get in return? A mass E-mail sent 1107 people!!!!

I am still on the list it seems. I just want to know how to get taken off it.

I am getting sick of getting the Spam I never used to get before. No Thanks to Orange.

I have tightened up on my Spam Settings on my Yahoo Mail but I still received 3 Messages this morning.

Just been in touch with the ICO - they say they will soon be able to fine companies £500,000 for "serious" breaches. This incident probably isn't that bad, but worth an investigation if people complain. After that, it all depends on the evidence, they say.

I am also on the list! I was told by Orange customer services that the original email did not originate from Orange, (this is even worse than I thought) - they are investigating and will be in contact with those affected!! Don't hold your breath.....

If it was indeed hackers, what other information about us do they have access to?

An interesting article here, about Orange Personal Communications Services, back in June 2007:

OUT-LAW News, 21/06/2007

Mobile operator Orange has breached the Data Protection Act's security requirements and home shopping giant Littlewoods has breached the Act's marketing rules, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ruled.

The case against Orange Personal Communications Services followed a complaint about the way in which Orange processed personal information, in particular the way in which new members of staff were allowed to share usernames and passwords when accessing the company IT system.

Following its investigation, the ICO found that Orange was not keeping its customers’ personal information secure and therefore was in breach of the Data Protection Act.

In addition to a general promise to comply, Orange's undertaking states: "The sharing of user names and passwords by Customer Service Representatives, to access computer systems, shall not be allowed under any circumstances."

To read more, go to:

I was one of the many people. Do you think it is possible to use this as an excuse to get out of my contract with them? They have been the worst phone company i've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

The only people benefiting from this is computer weekly, with this hype if it get into the papers and they pick and choose on what you can post. So i am guessing it will not get posted but i know computer weekly will read this post i did send a email to the people affected about posting on this thread and if you have any claim you could be doing yourself more harm than good. But of course you will block this email so have have put it on regedit.

I too am on the list, and am not happy about it

a, happening in the 1st place

and b, orange's lack of response -

i have spoken to orange and they seem to think a blanket scripted apology is going to make it all go away.

I was told last nite to call the press office, why I dont know and when I did they didnt know either -

unless most people submit an official compliaint Orange will sweep this under the carpet and fob you off with an inadequate apology -

also it turns out it wasnt orange that made the slip up but a third party that does marketing for them and goes through their servers-

this is what i was told last nite - as if it makes much difference

to talk to someone call these guys

at orange

they know all about it and are helpful - so please dont vent at them

but definately log your displeasure

dont let Orange brush this aside

we need to be compensated for this

0800 0790 200 (free phone) ask for Adam or Gary (Team Leader)

As if this isn't bad enough! We had contacted the e-mail to find out who to complain to about another complete mess (being removed from the customer base, placed in someone else's account and then refused contact because we weren't customers!) They refused to give us a name to write to but published our address! I agree about the help lines - they don't call back and if they do it's always referred to someone else.

I too am on the list - have complained to ICO, spoke to Orange (the operator didn't know anything about it, but would pass it up the line!) emailed BBC Watchdog and You and Yours - just received this from Orange -

Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your email. We apologise for this error and assure you that Orange takes its obligations regarding the security and privacy of your personal information seriously. We are reviewing the processes used when emailing our customers to ensure that this type of error does not happen again and we apologise for any inconvenience we have caused. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards


Orange Online Services

What on earth are Orange doing sending a bland, virtually anonymous piece of fluff??

Me too. I only contacted them in the first place to complain, so that I would sign up for a contract rather than pay as you go for my two children they said that they could block the children's accounts as soon as they went over their allowance........ alas my first bill was over the limit and now they are denying it was ever said or even possible.......... seems like I have been lied to so that they get the sales....... pretty disgusted with them

I to was on the list and have received about 5000 personal email addresses. i only sent a email to complain about poor mobile signal, they said they would call me back - day two now, no response.I feel that we should get some sort of compensation - an iphone for instance.



Surely I'm not alone in thinking that I don't really give a crap about what their procedures and company statements say and what they are doing to fix the problem for the future .... we are already affected and all I care about is what they are going to do for us?

Im another included on that list and have already registered my complaint with the ICO, i just hope orange don't get away with this!!

I was too!

I agree with the compensation-something needs to be done.


I received the following email from Orange tonight in response to my complaint. Quote: Hello

We recently sent you an email requesting feedback on our Online services. We'd like to apologise for an error which meant that a number of customer's (sic!) email addresses were not hidden from view in the mail. We're now reviewing our email policy to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Once again we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.


Unquote. How anonymous & bland is that? Do they think that this massive boob is just going to disappear? Like many others, I too have complained to the ICO.



Anyone who replied to the Orange survey using Outlook Express & in their OE Tools Options Defaults have ticked the box "Automatically put people I reply to in my Contacts list," will find that their Contacts list has grown somewhat.....I will now have to spend several hours deleting all these unwanted contacts. How much do you think I should charge Orange for this operation?

Kind regards,


"I was one of the many people. Do you think it is possible to use this as an excuse to get out of my contract with them? They have been the worst phone company i've ever had the displeasure of dealing with."

I am afraid not. This is nothing to do with your phone contract. It's only to do with a direct query to Orange via their contact department. Your phone, contract, service etc has not been affected and Orange will just say this is not a valid excuse...

why do we NEED to be compensated for this?? Nobody NEEDS to be compensated because of this. An apology will be adequate.

I too have had the dreaded email!!! In 5 months of being with orange I have had nothing but problems, hence the email to orange customer services. I have logged a complaint with the ICO and also have a direct email link to an account executive at orange. sadly, the executive couldnt really give a s**t. This must be sorted out. Everyone get in touch with the ICO and log a complaint.

I too am on the list and have mailed Orange asking for an explanation, as yet I have not received a response. Very disappointed!

Finally received an email, 2 days after the emails were sent. Very disappointed in their response time, and also the complete blandness of the email:


We recently sent you an email requesting feedback on our Online services. We'd like to apologise for an error which meant that a number of customer's email addresses were not hidden from view in the mail. We're now reviewing our email policy to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Once again we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you.


Hi Paul and 'legal action' - this is Rebecca Froley, the deputy web editor of here. Just to let you know, we're not picking and choosing posts. What's happening is that our automated spam filter is holding a lot of the comments as suspicious - probably because there has been a high volume of comments in a short space of time, which can look like a spam attack to the automated filter. With a small team, and our community editor off sick at the moment, we're only able to go in and re-approve queued comments once a day at present, so if you're unlucky and your comment has been held by the spam filter, there may be a delay before it appears on the site. But - unless we spot obscenities or legal issues such as libel in there, which we do reserve the right to moderate or remove - it will appear eventually. I'm sorry that you got the wrong impression and hope you'll bear with us in future!

Hi Lindsey, I've forwarded the e-mail onto ICO with my complaint so they are aware of how impersonal and dismissive Orange are being at present.

I am one of the customers who received the email to say the least I am not very happy, I am having to waste my time deleting unwanted emails from other unhappy customers I've only been with orange for 2 weeks and I'm already starting to reconsider!

this fob off starts

i got this from the executive office

"Following our conversation yesterday I have been advised that the

investigation into the email problem is now complete.

Orange fully acknowledges your views and request for release of contract.

However we are unable to do so, as we do not feel this course of action is

justified. Please be assured that an extensive internal investigation was

launched once the error was discovered and we have contacted the Information

Commissioner Officer (ICO) to make them aware. We will continue to review our

processes and work with the ICO to ensure this situation does not happen


Once again please accept our apology and thank you for your feed back.

Yours sincerely

Pauline Roberts

Executive Office "

so they're all right and we can all


Hi Dave.

I have had the same reply from Michael Warren in the Executive Office and I quote:-

Dear Mr Morris,

Thank you for your most recent email.

Whilst Orange acknowledges that you remain unhappy, please be assured that a

full investigation has been completed. We consider that this matter does not

constitute a breach in the network terms by Orange, as such, no further

action is deemed necessary and your case has now been closed.

I trust this clarifies Orange's final position.

Yours sincerely

Michael Warren

Executive Office

What a bunch of t***ers they really are. How can they say they have done nothing wrong.

Cancel I did receive an apology from Orange and replied that I accept this apology without making any demands for compensation.

And I was prepared to put this unsavoury incident behind me...but

Firstly, my response was replied to with an "automated reply". So I went back to a previous mail which was "only" sent to my e-mail adress and which quoted my case number.

Then I received another e-mail which stated among other things: "Orange fully acknowledges your views and request for compensation. However we are unable to do so, as we do not feel this course of action is justified."

HOW RUDE to accuse me of this request !!!


THEN I NOTICED THE CASE NUMBER - it was a totally DIFFERENT number to the other correspondings!!!

Also (and this is no accusation) , but my PC was corrupted today (missing or corrupt OS System Config file)and I had to re-install my OS whereby I lost all previous content on my PC.

This could be unrelated, but I would like to know whether anybody else on this list had any similiar experience lately?

just forward all future spam to the executive office and costumer services

oh and to the orange employee that post 'LOL' above i dont know what you're laughing at those stupid t*@ts are your bosses, and you their bitch

New advice surfacing is that Orange may indeed be in breach of contract for some of you! Here is the contract blurb:

19 general

disclosure of information to third parties

19.2 You agree to the disclosure to any telecommunications company, debt collection agency, credit reference agency, credit or fraud monitoring scheme, security agency or credit provider of:

a) any information relating to your Contract, including your personal financial information and details of how you have performed in meeting your obligations under your Contract,

b) any disclosure as may be within our Data Protection Act registration,

Orange have seemingly sent personal information contrary to their data protection act registration and outside of the agreement entered into by their customers. as such, as both disclosure to third parties and the data protection act are referred to in the contract; it is considered a breach of contract on their part to act contrary to this agreement. Possible defenses already used: defining what 'personal information' is!.. Well the Data Protection Act states : personal data” means data which relate to a living individual who can be identified—


from those data,

Clearly anyone with an email that is their name is without a doubt able to be identified the recipients of the email sent by orange. This is inescapable but doesn't help those people that cannot be identified by the disclosure of email addresses that cannot identify the individual.

Secondly, the contract is worded that 'you agree' to the following processing of your information, this email falls outside of that agreement. If Orange have processed your personal information contrary to a contractual agreement then that is breach of contract! - Simple!

I have today had a final message if you are reading orange, still very disappointed . .

"Thank you for your return email.

Whilst, Orange acknowledges that you remain unhappy please be assured that a full investigation has been completed. We consider that this matter does not trigger a breach in the network terms by Orange and as such no further action is deemed necessary in this case.

I trust this clarifies Orange’s final position.

Kind regards


Orange Online Services"

I also received this email on the 9th along with circa 3000 others.

I've been in touch with Orange today who like the post above suggests that they do not see this as a breach of the network terms and they have said they will not be terminating the contracts of any consumers. They were exceptionally rude to me on the phone and I am now REALLY hacked off.

I've been in touch with the ICO following an email complaint 11 days ago, and they've received a "substantial number of complaints" and there has "clearly been a breach of data protection"

Citizens Advice suggest complaining to CISAS who are part of the ombudsman i think.

ORange this is now war...


I have a complaint with a member of CISAS, but they have told me I cannot use CISAS. Why?

It may be because your complaint is about one of the following matters, which CISAS cannot deal with:

...The content of internet sites, phone calls, e-mails, text messages or any other type of message.

You can't take this sort of issue to CISAS from what I've seen on their website.

seriously... give it up. why are people still insistant on scraping anything from this tiny little human error that hasn't affected anyone in any serious way whatsoever.


Case closed..... (and rightly so!)

Response from ICO:-


Thank you for your correspondence dated 11 February regarding the email you received from Orange.

The Information Commissioner’s Office advises on and enforces the Data Protection Act 1998 (the DPA) which is based around eight principles of ‘good information handling’. These give people specific rights in relation to their personal information and put certain obligations on those organisations that are responsible for processing it.

As I understand it, Orange sent you, and other customers, an email asking for feedback to improve their services. Rather than putting the email addresses in the Bcc (Blind carbon copy) field, Orange put all the email addresses of the recipients into the ‘To’ field. This meant that all the recipients could see the email addresses of the other people who the email had been sent to.

The seventh principle of the DPA requires that organisations put in place appropriate technical and organisational security measures to prevent accidental disclosures of personal information. Where email addresses relate to and can identify individual people they will be personal information. In this case it is therefore likely that a breach of the seventh principle has occurred because email addresses of a large number of customers were accidently disclosed to other customers.

We expect companies to take the security of individual’s personal information seriously and we appreciate that disclosure of personal information does cause individuals real concern. Orange reported this incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office shortly after it occurred. They have provided us with an explanation of the steps they have taken to investigate what happened, and the measures they have put in place to prevent future breaches of this nature.

We are currently investigating to ensure we are satisfied with the steps that have been taken in this case to make sure Orange complies with the DPA. We will also monitor any future complaints in light of the assurances we have been given.

Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

Yours sincerely