Offline insecurity

Online banking may be the favoured method of working with banks but it’s still held back by security fears. Well, for all the Luddites out there, a recent incident at an HSBC branch in North Yorkshire might make you feel a little less confident about the security of high-street banking.

It seems that banks are so concerned about e-crime, spending billions on security to reassure customers that their online money is safe, that they are leaving their doors open to more traditional thieves.

In this case, a five-year-old boy wandered into the bank a day after it had closed for business when he found its front door unlocked, and then went to fetch his dad to show him the bank’s vault.

So what was the bank’s excuse? That well-loved culprit, human error, perhaps? Nope, the bank blamed it all on an electronic lock malfunction. Nice to see the bank keeping its focus so firmly on e-security rather than on why staff didn’t check that the doors were locked when they left.

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