Meet the naffest superhero of all time

If you thought Skateman was one of the worst superheroes of all time, you obviously haven’t met Printerman. Well technically he isn’t a superhero, more of a villain.

Printerman is the brainchild of Bytes Document Solutions, the same company who brought you this delightful video of people smashing up printers.  
Apparently Printerman is to blame for every single documented and undocumented printer-related error, be it a paper jam, error message or toner problem. 
In this video you can see the devious little sod running around the streets of London causing havoc, quite distressing really. 
Downtime actually has a script in development for a new superhero-come-biopic movie, Bloggerman. 
It’s about a guy who sits around in his underpants all day (just like a proper superhero), occasionally venturing from the sofa to his computer, typing up thrilling blogs that hundreds of thousands of readers flock to see. Based on a true story, kind of.