Londoners turn to gadgets in bed

Activities in bed have never been limited to sleeping, but research has revealed that a growing number of Londoners are turning to gadgets.

Infosecurity Europe polled 1,000 Londoners and found that 29% are using smartphones and mobile computers to check emails or catch up on work while in bed.

Some 15% admitted to being at it with their computers at the same time as their partners were doing the same, and 75% of those who work in bed admit to spending more than 30 minutes a day at it.

That means they are spending three and half hours a week on work while in bed, and 22% spend more than two hours a day at it, amounting to an extra 14 hours a week. 

Nearly a third admitted that the first thing they do in the morning is check their smartphones for messages. Kissing partners was top of the list for a mere 6% of those polled.

Claire Sellick, event director for Infosecurity Europe said the survey highlights the dependence on technology, therefore it is increasingly important that data on these devices is protected.

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