Less people listen to God's messenger than Demba Ba

At last the true extent of the reach of the Catholic Church could soon be easily measurable.  News that the Pope has joined Twitter will have statisticians on red alert.

While I am sure Pope Benedict XVI will get more followers than Computer Weekly’s pathetic 10,900, will he be able to compete with the likes of Lady Gaga (20 million),  Justin Bieber (18 million), Katy Perry (12.5m), Sahkira (14.2 million)  and President Obama (12.7 million)?

See the most followed Twitter users here.
With 46,317 followers, at the time of writing, he has a long way to go. Newcastle United’s Demba Ba has 79,000, so the number of true believers in the Geordie religion is larger than the number in the Catholic Church. With an estimated 1.181 billion alleged Catholics at the end of 2009 you would expect more.

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