Leave memes leave

Everyone knows about the European Union’s famous Article 50 by now, but what do all the other ones do? It’s like being invited into the cockpit of a Boeing 747 and only pressing one random button. Let’s have a go on another button. What happens if we press, say, Article 13? No more memes. Oh dear.

The European Parliament has now voted in several internet copyright laws that throw the future of some of our most cherished online content into the wilderness, but before you look for a yellow vest and start retweeting Julia Hartley-Brewer, those twinkly-eyed Brussels babes have given memes and GIFs a last-minute reprieve.

So don’t worry yourself too much about all this legislative nonsense. We know you like your memes and GIFs, and sometimes even mutter to yourself you don’t know where you’d be without them, because everything’s been getting a bit on top of you lately, hasn’t it? And the memes and the GIFs, they somehow make it all go away, if only for that split second, eh? We know.

It just means a headache for the likes of YouTube, which has fought these laws so it can keep making money out of users uploading copyrighted content. Actually, that probably does affect you quite drastically, doesn’t it… Unless all you want left on YouTube is Zoella showing you her pantry. Do you own a yellow vest?

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