It isn't your personality that stops you from having a holiday romance, it's your iPhone

A, not-so-extensive, survey of 1,000 people by Skyscanner has revealed that you’re more likely to land a lady in Lanzarote if you own a ‘old-school’ mobile. 

According to their survey, only 54% of iPhone users admit to holiday romances compared to a whopping 72% of those who are steering clear of the touchscreen. 
Hold on a second, ‘only’ 54% of iPhone owners admitted to a holiday romance. When I was a teen on holiday I’d have given anything for odds like that. 
Anyway, never ones to be left out, 61% of Android users also admitted to holiday romances but only 36% of them went to tell all on Facebook and Twitter. 
The survey goes on to suggest that the stereotypical chauvinists tend to own iPhones, with 47% of them bragging about their canoodling on social networks.
The reason Skyscanner cite for the supposed lack of lip-locking? Apps! 
They add that Apple fans seem to be too busy downloading apps, with 76% of them using apps on holiday, whereas only 55% of Android owners do the same.
Then, shockingly, Sam Baldwin, the Skyscanner Travel Editor, kind of rubbishes his own findings by saying, “these figures show that mobiles really do play a major part in people’s holiday activities these days, perhaps even at the expense of romantic activities?”
A question mark! After all those %’s you end on a question mark. 
Downtime’s holiday tip: Don’t fiddle with your mobile at all, try actually talking to people.
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