Is it too late now to say Siri?

People are trying to work out why Siri thought Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee hit Despacito was the Bulgarian national anthem. But the chance to enjoy the error for yourself has come and gone.

Indeed, Apple’s virtual assistant has since been put straight, and now correctly answers Mila Rodino when quizzed on the subject.

It’s admittedly challenging at first to find similarities between Despacito and Mila Rodino. As we all know, the latter was written and composed by Tsvetan Radoslavov before heading off to fight in the Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885, while the former was conceived by a Puerto Rican man who likes to make love slowly.

It’s only when you look closer that you start to see how Siri got the two songs confused. The Bulgarian national anthem has famously had a few updates since it was adopted in 1964, most recently having the verses tweaked in 1990. Similarly, Despacito has been remixed with vocals by Justin Bieber.

You must then turn your attention to the lyrics themselves. Mila Rodino obviously features the words, “Oh-oh, you are my sunrise on the darkest day, got me feelin’ some kind of way”, which is virtually interchangeable with Bieber’s lines, “Proud Balkan Mountains, next to it the Danube sparkles, the sun shines over Thrace”. Or something like that. Easy mistake, to be fair, Siri.