I'm only happy when it rains

English: The A968 at Watlee on a very wet day ...

English: The A968 at Watlee on a very wet day Driving rain and gale force winds – not driving weather. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Night driving can be an unnerving prospect at the best of times, but add some ominous rain to the mix and it can be quite a scary experience.

The traditional headlights offer some solace but the bulbs bounce off the rain drops, making your view akin to Niagara Falls rather than the road you want to focus on.

Fear not though, as the brains at Intel have been working on new technology to rid your vision of these pesky droplets.

Working with a projector and a camera, the system is able to predict where the rain drops will fall and project an image blotting out the water and showing you the road ahead, rather than the shower – check out the video on CNET.

With a latency of just 13 milliseconds, it is impressive how quickly the system can make these predictions and projections, but it will be much slower before the technology will come to market – Intel predicts it will be in new cars within the next 10 years.

We never thought we would look forward to driving in the rain but bring on the next decade and April showers!

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