"I'm just Instagraming my Starbucks cup" - brands will be able to track logos

A service called gazeMetrix is allowing companies to track how often their brands’ logos turn up on social media sites. 

This image recognition will let companies make sense of the thousands of pictures snapped a day and uploaded to social media, letting marketeers understand the power of their brand logo.
Social media has evolved much further than tagging photos of your friends on Facebook. On Instagram in particular, people are much more likely these days to snap a picture of their Starbucks mug than the they are to take a photo of the friend sitting opposite who they haven’t seen for six months. Understanding these habits will be extremely useful for marketeers.
This example also raises the question of banning phones in restaurants altogether, with some establishments in the US offering discounts to tables who promise to keep their technology off the table. 
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